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    Elementnation Spoilers
    Hey everyone, This is a build spoiler from Elementnation,
    We would like to thank our builders for creating the wonderful world of Elementnation.
    (NOTE: Everything you see can change before we launch, All of the builds
    will evolve over time as technology advances. This is the state of the buildings in the beginning phase.)
    The spawn, Created by the ElementMC team.

    The docks, Created by ICL_VTMan& Larsjarred9
    Boats are used to travel to different islands, The colour indicates the island.

    Landscape, Created by ICL_MatthijsT123

    1 of the many ruins in the game, Created by ICL_VTMan
    They can contain items, So be quick with finding them on launch.
    Stay active on our forums, For more information about ElementMC & Elementnation.

    Kind Regards,
    Team ElementMC

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